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Hamilton Irrigation Installation

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Your Inground Irrigation system will need to consist of;

1) A Design for the Irrigation system, based on your consumption rates
2) Trenching or pipe installation
3) Valves and valvebox installation
4) Sprinkler spray nozzle and rotor placement
5) Control monitor mounting and programming
6) Setting the Nozzles and sprays to minimize water consumption   while maximizing the area irrigated.

The last part of programming the Control computer will take about 1 hour and when ready the CIT, Certified Irrigation Technician will go through the operation and settings of the Controller so that you can make small adjustments further on in the season if needed.

Hamilton Landscaping and Sod is happy to provide both services to our customers, Sod installation and Sprinkler Installation...in working with Terra Verde Landscaping we are the only company to offer both on a commercial and residential scale.  Having our company provide both services will earn you valuable savings since we will have the access and equipment available all at the same time.  If you booked with 2 separate Landscape contractors they will be more expensive and will have to work around each other or schedule to be there at the same time. This is not practical due to the size and nature of the equipment and installation process. 1 will have to  come back at another time which greatly increases the costs and delays the completion of the project.

​Call one company Plan, organzie and to do all your work. Landscape Design and Projects fullfilled by Armour Stone Ontario.

An inground or underground Irrigation system in Ontario can be the solution to your lawn and gardens' needs. It is effective, convenient and will save you money on your waterbill each time you use it. How is this possible, can it really save you money?

Yes, it will save you money since the system will only meter out the correct amount of water your sod, tuf, lawn, and garden needs. With the use of a Control box and rain sensor, you can set it and forget it, leaving you more time to enjoy your summer ans the outdoors. 

We have been installing Irrigation systems for home owners as well

as commercial and retail businesses in Hamiton ontario for many years,

the best time to install one is when you are re-sodding or grading your property.

There can be substantial cost savings when you book both services and have

1 company, US, do the work for you.

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