Fresh cut sod from the grassy fields surrounding your city and home, our Sod has been sewn, cultivated, watered, and grown over's now ready and waiting to be installed for your new lawn.

We ensure proper sodding care and cultivating practices to ensure the healthiest and strongest Sod possible for our customers. Sod installaton with TVL - Terra Verde Landscaping ensures it is done right.

We believe our Sod needs to be beautiful, AND healthy, we think you will agree that our sod is the best in all Southern Ontario. Remember, we harvest our sod directly from Southern Ontario Sod Farms, it's cut and delivered fresh the same day.

 For sodding in Toronto and GTA, please click here.

A complete Landscape Design will incorporated more than just the sodding Green Space, it is an entire concept and Design Plan,  where we work with Armour Stone Ontario to include ArmourStone, Patio stones, trees, and various plants, mulches and even an Irrigation System.

Similar to these photos here we can custom build a patio, stones steps or a walkup or walkout from your home that will enhance your homes look and feel. It is a creative process and we will need to have our Landscape Consultant meet with you to discuss the options, we are you Lawn Pros. 

Hamilton's best Sod installation starts here!

Our sod installation Process - it's a lot of work, better leave it to us.

Is your lawn looking worn out? It's time to sod. LET US help.

Our Landscaping Sod Installation Team with Estimator will;
1) Assess the sods problem - Is your lawns' poor health due to soil, insect, weed or water related issues?

2) Excavate contaminated sub-soil below the root matt - Rebuild the sub-soil with topsoil and nutrients. 
3) Improve your lawns drainage conditions  - Fill low and remove high areas, add drainage relief, basins or Swales as needed
4) Install fresh new sod - Allowing you once again to enjoy the outdoors and your new lawn.

If you'd like an estimate from our Landscape TeamCONTACT US.